Claims & Complaints

Responsive Claims Service to support continued service delivery

All claims made against any “TERRITORY” policies should be directed to your Insurance broker. Your details will then be sent on to our Claims Team to process the claim.

Any and all complaints may be directed to your Insurance Intermediary and/or be addressed to Timothy Paramasivan on

Our experienced claims team provides expert claims advisory and handling services to our brokers and clients to ensure quick resolution of all claims.

 Our desire is to ensure minimal disruptions to the operations of our clients; therefore, we are geared to be responsive, and action oriented to ensure all verified claims are settled timeously. We always encourage our clients to submit their asset registers, fleet registers at onboarding stage to ensure quicker verification of claims.

Procurement Philosophy
Our claims procurement philosophy seeks to support empowerment and spending in the local economies of our clients. Our procurement processes ensures that local service providers are engaged and are given the opportunity to participate.

Service Providers
We have access to the Bryte Insurance panel of service provides – please visit the link below for the various service providers for easy of reference.

Claim Forms Downloads
Below are the Claims forms for easy of reference.